Rosh Hashana Menu 2019

Rosh Hashana Menu 2019

You should feel full and satisfied. You shouldn’t feel the need to diet after all the Chag meals one after the other, you should feel well rested, great and energized! Eat less challah, have fruit for dessert and these dishes for the meal and I promise you will...

Recipe box September 08 2019

Monday Moroccan chicken and Persian rice Tuesday Orange ginger fish and white mushroom salad Wednesday Minute Steak with Couscous Patties Click here to view this month’s Shabbat menu: Make Your Shopping List Need help creating your shopping list? Click here to...
The Ultimate Sukkot Menu 2019

Sukkot Menu 2019

Sukkot is upon us and what a unique and special holiday it is! If you live in a climate where you are now experiencing the season “fall” then this holiday is especially cozy and crisp! Even if you sweating in your sukkah, enjoy these fall flavors, easy and healthy recipes that will keep you feeling satisfied but not overly stuffed. I recommend eating more salads and proteins at each meal and less challah and carbs to keep you feeling amazing through out yuntif! If you follow these sugar free and healthy yet bursting in flavor menus, you will enjoy sukkos to a whole new level, not to mention feel great in your beautiful chag clothing! Have a joyous, uplifting, delicious and healthy chag kasher v’sameach!