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The meal before Tisha B’Av

The meal before Tisha B’Av

Tips for a successful and meaningful fast
The fast of Tisha B’Av is a day of fasting and mourning for our loss of the the First and Second Temples, both which were destroyed on this day. I always find it difficult to remember why I am fasting if I am having a difficult fast. Here are a few tips and guidelines to have a more meaningful fast. Also the recipes and menus were created strategically to prepare your body for fasting.
1. Try to cut out caffeine the week before, but at least three days before.
2. Hydrate yourself for three days leading up to the fast with water and Gatorade
3. Eat power foods that will stay in your system longest; barley, fruits, potatoes, chicken and pasta
4. Don’t over eat! I know it’s a panicky before the fast temptation but don’t do it – it will backfire!
5. Eat watermelon for dessert!