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“BRUNCH” – a Boutique Food Truck – was created by Chef Zissie out of need. She felt there was a high demand for a unique, chic and inspiring place to eat, a secret garden of sorts, where people could come on dates, business meetings or solely to have really fresh food in a creative space. 

The menu is based on what is fresh and seasonal, consisting of hearty flavor-bursting salads and sandwiches, specialty iced and hot beverages and desserts. The food is made with the highest level of ingredients, served on beautiful dishes, with flavors you didn’t even know you craved. Brunch leaves you full, rejuvenated and looking forward to your next visit. 


Directions to Brunch

Use Waze to drive to ‘Brunch, a boutique food truck, by Chef Zissie’ or click here

The following streets are best for parking: Derech HaHoresh, Ma’ale HaOranim, Yigal Alon.

Brunch is a 3min walk from bus stop Yigal Alon/Shai.

Once you are parked/come off the bus, use Google maps to walk to Gan HaShablul.

Once you are in Gan Hashablul, walk to the swings.

Behind the swings is a gate the entrance to Brunch! 


BRUNCH is tucked away in an outdoor Jerusalem garden, with large fruit trees shading the magical spot. The sitting area is intimate with 8 tables, space for 16 guests at a time. Take away is always an option with well packaged goodies for your picnic or meeting in the nearby forest or park or to bring with you to work.

With menu titles such as “fancy snobby tuna sandwich” and “adorable but strong espresso”, Chef Zissie’s food is of the highest quality, but she always puts a humorous and cheerful spin to her work. She feels her success comes from extreme motivation yet with a balance of tranquility and humor which creates an ambiance that becomes a must in your daily routine.



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The Ever-changing Menu

Chef-Zissie Brunch Logo Final march2023 transparent-web

This Week’s Opening Hours

10:00AM – 2:00PM

9:00AM – 12:00PM

שעות פתיחה השבוע

10:00 – 14:00

יום שישי:
9:00 – 12:00

BRUNCH night events

BRUNCH turns into an enchanting and magical garden at night. 
There is space for a sit down dinner or buffet style dinner for 20 people.

Call to inquire about renting BRUNCH for your next event:

  1. Renting just the space
  2. Renting the space + the meal (meat or dairy options available) 
  3. Renting the space + the meal + the decor 

For more info & to book an event, contact Brunch at: