General Questions:

Are the recipes family-friendly?

I have cooked for many families, all with different tastes and requests. Each recipe is filled with flavor and is unique but recognizable. If you have very picky eaters at home, continue to make for them what you normally do and make this for the others. Make sure the picky eaters know they are NOT allowed to have your food. Slowly they will ask for a bite and before you know it you will all be eating the same dinner together in no time!

Do you use seasonal produce?

All recipes are seasonal, but with ingredients that are realistic and explained where to find as well as substituion ideas.

Do you use a lot of processed ingredients?

There are nearly no processed ingredients in what you will be making. The only things that will come out of bottles will be vinegars and oils.

What quantities are the recipes in/how many servings?

Each recipe yields 4 people but can be easily doubled/tripled or cut in half!

What if I halve/double/triple - will it come out the same?


What if i don’t keep kosher?

This menu and recipe guide HAPPENS to be Kosher. It is not typical or traditional ‘kosher food’. It is focused on healthy eating, flavor, and to be beautifully presented. So if you don’t keep kosher but want to eat healthy, flavorful and beautiful food, these recipes are for you!

Will I feel full after the meal being that a lot of your recipes are carb free?

YES! You will be pleasantly surprised how full you will be because these meals are well rounded and protein fills you up in a satisfied way instead of an overstuffed way.

Can we print the recipes?

You can print the recipes. The recipes are also smartphone and computer friendly so you can pull them right up on your screen and look at them in your supermarket and in your kitchen.

Do you have ideas of what to do with leftovers?

Nearly every recipe will come with advice on what to do with leftovers, and leftover fresh ingredients! Such as fresh herbs etc.

Health Program Questions:

I’m not sure which plan to choose - what should I do?

Choose the plan that will ensure the most long term results for you. If you are already motivated and a naturally healthy eater and just want a really organized book of recipes pick the first package. If you need more one on one attention and a motivational push, depending on your budget pick package 2 or 3.

Do you have a vegan/vegetarian/gluten free/paleo etc option?

For the 3rd package yes. 

Which payment methods do you take?

Pay securely via your preferred way – Paypal, Credit/Debit Card, Bit or PayBox.

Private Chef Hire Questions:

Is there a set menu?
I create all the recipes and menus exclusively for you. I work with you directly asking questions and personalizing myself with your palate, preferences, tastes, likes and dislikes, and only then I create the perfect menu/event for you.
What else is included for an event?
The event can include set up, décor, spirits, dessert, printed personalized menus, plating service and cleanup.
Which locations do you work in?
The entire country of Israel. (Have been flown to and willing to work in other countries as well)

Virtual meetings are possible for cooking demos and similar events.

How far advance do we need to book you?
Since all the ingredients are so fresh and not frozen, you can book up to a day before, I just cant guarantee I will be available. I have clients who book Sukkot and Pesach 8 months in advance and have a spot secured for them.
How does pricing/payment work?
The pricing works per person per meal. The range is large and depends on what you are looking for. I offer a free phone consultation to provide all information and personalized packages with pricing. Payments can be made through wiring, checks, Paypal, Bit or PayBox.
Do we buy the ingredients or do you?
It is completely up to you but usually I take care of the shopping! All the ingredients are of the highest and freshest quality. No food is bought, made in advance or frozen.
What is the kashrut of ingredients used?
Only strict Kosher ingredients are used and strict Kosher laws are kept. If you have specific requests you let me know.
Do you cook on-site or deliver?
I cook in my home, yours or the chosen venue.
Can we order food for Shabbat or Chagim?
Yes. All personalized.
What Corona precautions do you take?
To ensure the safety and health of guests and hosts, Chef Zissie is ServSafe certified and follows the restrictions and guidelines of Covid-19 Coronavirus food laws.