I’m Chef Zissie! I cook for families, am a recipe developer, health coach, give cooking classes, knife skills classes, high end private parties, diet specialties, demos….but I am only one person and I want to share all my cooking secrets with more than just my clients.

That’s why I created ChefZissieRecipes.com 

I want to show people how to go back to pure flavors and natural ingredients. So much of what people eat today is processed because of time and convenience. When people think of eating healthy, they often picture a piece of chicken with no flavor and steamed vegetables. I am here to change all of that. I eat healthy because it tastes better and gives me more energy, not for any other reason.

Wouldn’t it be nice if a private chef called you and said “want to never worry about how or what you are eating ever again?” Well my name is Chef Zissie and I am YOUR private chef and health coach.  

Everyone has to eat, and what you eat very much affects how you feel.  As a chef I encourage people that eating well does not mean compromising on flavor, on the contrary it means using fresh ingredients and cooking them to perfection. However, finding the right recipes that are quick, healthy and delicious can be a daunting task. The recipes you can find online are endless, but are often lacking.

The inspiration of this website came from my desire to share with the world a way of eating that can change your life.   I want to share all my secrets and recipes, but I want to do it in an organized way that creates an environment in your home where there is always fresh food, and no waste.  Making fresh dinner for you or your family should always be quick.  I want to teach you how to love being in the kitchen, but to be in and out.  My goal of this website is to get you out of your food rut, to help you feel organized with unique and quick menus and for you to feel creative without creating.  Leave all the inspiration and research to me, and benefit from the easy, quick, seasonal, colorful and flavorful dishes that you will make each week with ease, leaving you or your family begging for more.

What do our busy meal preparers have to say about Chef Zissie’s recipes?

Recipes from Chef Zissie has been such an incredible experience. Her food is ALWAYS top caliber and her service is exceptional. I’ve been able to save time and money – no more planning menus or worrying about what to eat!

Before ordering meals from Chef Zissie, we were throwing together whatever we had in the kitchen for lunch (usually pasta or peanut butter sandwiches), but were feeling unhealthy and gaining weight. Chef Zissie’s meals have helped us lose weight, eat healthy and have given us more energy. Ordering recipes with Chef Zissie has been one of the best and cheapest investments in my and my family’s health that we’ve made!

— Sarah D

Chef Zissie’s recipes are straightforward and concise, while never sacrificing culinary sophistication. I find them easy to reproduce, and delicious every time. The whole family gets involved, and benefits from fresh, healthy meals on a daily basis!
— Netanya B

Chef Zissie is super talented. She truly loves what she does and that enthusiasm comes across in her food.

Delicious, flavorful, healthy, innovative, modern. She cooked for my very picky family for a year and everyone loves her food! She then gave me her recipes and I have been cooking them since. They are easy and beautiful and accommodates everyone! I love and trust her recipes above all others!

— Alissa H

Each recipe of chef zissie’s has contributed to a unique flavor, and beauty in presentation. I have found the preparation time so quick with my own demanding schedule. I highly recommend Chef Zissie’s recipes, not only for breaking out of cooking ruts, but also for the benefits of healthy, pleasurable eating experience.
— Andrea N

Chef Zissie has transformed the way my family eats. Her recipes have resulted in our food being healthier, looking beautiful and appetizing and being easier and more practical to prepare.
— Amy K

Thank you notes…

Thank you to my best friend Netanya for your brilliant idea.
Thank you Rivkah Wolfson for your incredible website design.
Thank you Yirmiyahu Vann of Vann Visuals for your talented starter videos.
Thank you to Michael Alvarez-Pereyre for your talented photos.
Thank you to Ingrid Muller for your great photos.
Thank you Jamie and Evan Muney for allowing me to shoot a video in your beautiful kitchen.