Private Chef Hire in Israel with Chef Zissie


Chef Zissie is a Private Chef, located in Jerusalem but travels throughout Israel.

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Here’s what you can hire Chef Zissie for:

Private parties of 50 people and fewer

Chef tasting 6-10 course plated meals (anniversaries, birthdays, bridal showers, sheva brachot etc).

Cooking (hands on and off) demonstrations and classes

Beautiful buffet meals /
appetizers /
tapas /
hors d’oeuvre

Personalized meals for clients with severe allergies

Personalized meals for all diets and dietary needs

Weeknight dinners

Shabbatot and Chagim

Knife skills classes

Restaurant recipe creating and development

recipes and development

Here’s how it works:

  • Chef Zissie creates all the recipes and menus exclusively for you.
  • She works with her clients directly asking questions and personalizing herself with your palate, preferences, tastes, likes and dislikes, and only then creates the perfect menu/event for you. 
  • The event can include decor, spirits, dessert, personalized menus, plating service and cleanup.
  • She cooks in your home, hers or the chosen venue. 
  • Only strict Kosher ingredients are used and strict Kosher laws are kept.
  • All the ingredients are of the highest and freshest quality. No food is bought, made in advance or frozen.
  • To ensure the safety and health of guests and hosts, Chef Zissie is ServSafe certified and follows the restrictions and guidelines of Covid-19 Coronavirus food laws.



For more information and pricing contact Zissie directly at: 


About Chef Zissie:

Chef Zissie received her degree in Hospitality, Hotel and Restaurant Management at Boston University. She then returned to Boston University to receive her Culinary Certificate at Boston University’s Culinary Certificate Program. With a decade of experience, Chef Zissie cooks and teaches in a unique way – through using fresh ingredients to create flavor fusions that will wow you! Her recipes are all unique, yet relatable. They are easy, yet impressive. They are extremely healthy, yet bursting in flavor. Chef Zissie has created a name for herself that stands out in the Kosher world of cooking, by studying the cuisines of the world and using them as inspiration to help people understand food and flavor in the most non-intimidating and exciting way yet!

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For more information and pricing contact Zissie directly at: