Coconut Facial Scrub
I never exfoliated. Then one day I did and my face never looked so alive. Here is how to make your own facial scrub in minutes to help your pores, remove dead skin, and moisturize (without leaving your skin oily) This is an incredible makeup remover and also makes your lips really soft!
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  1. In a small jar, mix all the ingredients together. It may take a few minutes if the oil is solid.
  2. If possible; leave jar or container in the shower (so it heats up before using it) Using your fingertips, take about two teaspoons worth into your fingertips and massage the scrub on your face, especially under your eyes.
  3. After massage, rinse face and if necessary use a damp washcloth and remove excess oil and sugar.
Notes & Tips:

use the scrub and then remove all the excess oil with a damp cloth.