Egg wraps
This is a great idea for a tacos, stir fries, rice and beans or any other combo you please. It is so easy to make, gluten free, carb free and delicious!
Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: Eggs
Servings: people USA imperial/metric conversion:
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  1. Add the eggs, salt and garlic powder to a bowl and whisk well.
  2. Place a small skillet on high heat. Spray with olive oil. Add a small amount of the egg mixture. Just enough to cover the bottom of the pan and swoosh the egg around in a circular motion until it evenly coats the bottom of the pan. Cook for 2 minutes, just until the egg is cooked through.
  3. Slide it off the pan onto a plate or cutting board. Spray the pan again, and repeat, makes up to 10 wraps.
Notes & Tips:

Feel free to add chopped basil, cilantro, scallions, chives or chili peppers to the egg batter for more flavor!