Salmon wraps
Wraps are such a great way to feel like your having a sandwich without having all the carbs of bread! But wraps can often be dry and flavorless. Try this moist and flavorful recipe in minutes!
Course: Main Dish
Cuisine: Fish, Sandwiches
Special Diet: Dairy Free, Soy Free, Sugar Free
Servings: people USA imperial/metric conversion:
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  1. Pat salmon dry and sprinkle with salt and garlic powder on top side. Prepare a non-stick large saute pan on high heat. Add the olive oil and get hot. Add the fish and sear for 5 minutes on one side.
  2. Turn the fish over and add the onion, pepper, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms and mix well. Cook for six minutes, stirring around the salmon.
  3. While the salmon is cooking, place 8 wraps on the counter, spread the avocado in the center. Remove salmon from pan and using tongs or a fork or hands if cooled off, pull apart into large pieces and place on top of avocado in center. Add vegetable mixture.
  4. Top with squeezed lemon and fresh herbs. Fold together the two sides of the wrap to the center and roll the bottom all the way to the end, creating a burrito. Serve warm or room temperature.
Notes & Tips:

Make extra of the tomato mushroom mixture and put it in your eggs in the morning!