Rice paper wraps
I love these wraps because they don’t overpower the flavors as sometimes a sandwich does. It just holds all the deliciousness of the inside together. But these definitely need a dipping sauce, they don’t have enough flavor without! Rice paper wraps can be found in most Asian sections of supermarkets, specialty shops and Asian markets.
Cuisine: Poultry
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  1. Slice the pargiot into thin strips and place in bowl with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of salt. Mix well.
  2. Prepare a large skillet on high heat. Add the pargiot in batches if have to. Cook for 5 minutes. Using a wooden spoon, mix well and cook for 3 more minutes. Remove from pan.
  3. Add 2 more tablespoons of olive oil, the sweet potatoes and 1 teaspoon of salt and let cook for 2 minutes. Add ½ cup of water and use the wooden spoon to scrape up the brown bits and mix into the sweet potatoes. Cover and cook for 4 more minutes until the sweet potatoes are cooked through and falling apart. Remove from heat.
  4. Place one rice paper wrapper in a dish of warm water for one minute, until it soft enough to handle, then place the wrapper on your work surface. Add the 2 pieces of chicken, sweet potato and avocado in to the center of the wraps.
  5. Fold over two ends to meet each other in the center and then roll the rest up like a burrito.
  6. In a jar add the rest of the ingredients except the cabbage. Shake well and use half for dipping sauce for the wraps and half as dressing to the cabbage.
Notes & Tips:

Don’t be intimidated by wrapping these! If you don't know how to make a wrap or burrito simply youtube a how to and you will understand in seconds!