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Here is my theory. No one needs to eat that much. Have fewer dishes that are filled with color and flavor and I bet you that no-one will leave saying, “why were there so few dishes, I’m still hungry”. People will leave saying, ”wow that was such a healthy and flavorful meal and I don’t even feel terribly stuffed just incredibly satisfied!”. The first week may be hard – you will worry there is not enough food, but if you serve challah and dips (to make you worry less) and then these dishes, I guarantee that your whole way of tasting Shabbat will change for the better!

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January 1
Day 1
January 2
Day 2
Friday Night Dinner and Shabbat Lunch
Orange leek whole roasted chicken (4)
Rainbow coleslaw (4)
Hasselback potatoes (4)
Honey garlic chicken stir fry (4)
Pineapple braised roast (4)
Coconut eggplant salad (4)
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