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Two weeks before Rosh Hashana: Go over your menu and all the meals you are hosting and make sure you have an organized idea and plan of what you are doing.

Two weeks before: Buy yourself and your family something new to wear. Buy all the paper goods, tins and Rosh Hashanah decor you need.

The week before: Clean your home as thoroughly as you want it to be and every day keep it as clean as possible so you are not doing an all day cleaning the day of Rosh Hashanah.

5 days before Rosh Hashana: Do a full food shopping spree of all ingredients (lettuce and fresh herbs can be bought and wrapped in damp paper towels and then in tinfoil).

3 days before Rosh Hashana: Start prep work and cooking. Chop everything that you will need for soups, slow cooked dishes and anything that is not a fresh salad. 

2 days before Rosh Hashana: Cook as much as you can today for Rosh Hashanah, keep in mind you CAN cook on Rosh Hashanah if that does not stress you out (sometimes I like to leave a few things to make fresh right before the meal (like fish and meat). When preparing all salads and salad like dishes be sure to separate all ingredients and put the dressing or sauce on the side.

Erev Rosh Hashanah: Set the table the night before or first thing in the morning so it is done. Finish the last cooking details by late morning. Shower, beautify yourself and the final touches of your home. Buy flowers and put your feet up!

The most important thing to remember: We are very lucky to be in such a beautiful religion that allows us to start over. This year, starting with Rosh Hashanah, make an effort to eat and cook right. This does not mean it will take you longer, it means that after every yom tov meal, you should not feel overly stuffed and uncomfortable, you should feel full both in your heart and stomach at what you have accomplished.

Good Yuntif! Chag Sameach! Happy New Year! 

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January 1
Day 1
January 2
Day 2
Simanim salad (4)
Whole fish with olives (4)
Chicken drumsticks with dried fruit chutney (4)
Marinated onion steak salad (4)
Pesto salad (4)
Kasha mushroom salad (4)
Golden cauliflower soup (4)
Apricot miso glazed chicken (4)
Steak with mint pomegranate sauce (4)
Butternut squash with Granny Smith salsa (4)
Perfect rice with grilled onion medley (4)
Radish marinated onion salad (4)
Sundried tomato basil tilapia (4)
Date braised chicken (4)
Kale salad (4)
Leek salad (4)
Pesto potatoes (4)
Pineapple braised roast (4)
Black sesame sweet potato salad (4)
Tuna steaks with fresh apricot topping (4)
Easy fancy five minute cheese platter (4)
Salad with potatoes, oranges, and pickled onions (4)
Rainbow coleslaw (4)
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