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January 1
Day 1
January 2
Day 2
January 3
Day 3
January 4
Day 4
Chestnut beef stew (4)
Couscous pomegranate salad (4)
Salad with chickpeas and purple sprouts (4)
Chai infused rice (4)
Chicken barley soup (4)
Honey ginger chicken (4)
Black quinoa salad (4)
Hearts of palm salad (4)
Perfect asparagus (4)
Mexican beef stew (4)
Jerusalem artichoke and butternut squash fries (4)
Orange zest edamame (4)
Japanese salad (4)
Apricot miso glazed chicken (4)
World spiced sweet potato wedges (4)
Roasted cauliflower with meat sauce (4)
Radish marinated onion salad (4)
Garlic brussels sprouts (4)
Salmon fettuccine (4)
Green bean chicken (4)
Spicy butternut squash (4)
White bean salad (4)
Mexican nachos and bean dip (4)
Cheesy quesadilla (4)
Mexican cheesy sweet potato bowls (4)
Tomato Tilapia (4)
Tuna steaks with fresh apricot topping (4)
Grilled zucchini chicken salad (4)
Colorful carrot salad (4)
Sweet potato apple salad (4)
Cauliflower blanco pizza (4)
Poached egg salad (4)
Salad Nicoise (4)
Lemon red snapper (4)
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Sukkot Preparation Tips for 2020!

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