Tips on how to physically and emotionally go into Sukkot like a boss.  

Do you know how we always think we have time after Yom Kippur before Sukkos, but then every year Sukkos is like “hiiiii guys I’m heeeeere”, and you think to yourself, “ïsn’t sukkos not supposed to be here for a whole ‘nother week or something?”  Well this year, you will be prepared with my special guide.  So grab your aprons and take this crazy world ride with me as I give you a step by step guide on how to be the cool, calm and collected master chef/hostess of all time.

6 days before Sukkos:

Be the first one in your supermarket, or do it online in advance and schedule it. Buy all the meat, chicken and fish you need for the entire Sukkot. Buy all the paper goods and additional dried goods you need until Sukkot is over. Buy all the fresh produce for a full week.  If the fresh produce is high quality (meaning it is actually fresh) it will withstand the week and you won’t have to go shopping again until the following week at the end of  chol Hamoed! (And then again be the first in the supermarket and buy only the fresh produce because you will have everything else!) 

Place all meat, chicken and fish directly into your freezer.

3 days before Sukkos:

Wake up early and have a coffee and a giant bowl of yogurt and granola WHILE SITTING DOWN.  Put on some fun cooking music, get your apron on and start your day! Cook as much as you can today, prepping all the salads and dressings and side dishes. Everything that is more time consuming. Leave the mains and challah for tomorrow.  

Make a giant tomato soup and garlic bread for dinner and call it a day (make extra soup for sukkot and freeze). Go to sleep early!

2 days before Sukkos:

Wake up early, put on music, eat breakfast and  finish up cooking. Don’t stress yourself out and try to make everything in advance and freeze. Just cook what you need for the first day(s) of chag. You will have time to do the rest!

In the morning of erev Sukkos:
Set the table in your sukkah (if you  can, or at least have everything organized and ready to go out, including candles for lighting, honey for challah, all tableware, kiddush cup, glasses. Make sure the Shabbat timers are done for the sukkah lights.

First night of Sukkos:
You made it! This is such a joyful chag! Sending you a  very special Chag Sameach from my kitchen to yours!

Special Sukkot Bonus

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